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Cynthia Wiley

Hi. My name is Cynthia Wiley and I am a violinist and violin teacher. When I first went to Southern Methodist University to study Violin Performance, I didnít know that a love of teaching was sure to follow. I began teaching privately to help pay for expenses while in college. I taught in different venues: classroom teaching, college teaching, and private teaching. I found that I enjoyed private teaching the most. As my studio of students began to grow, I realized my passion is teaching!

What do I love about teaching? The students . . . They each are so unique and fun. Part of what I love about teaching is that it is never the same. Yes, the basics of the violin are the same, but the students are not. I realized early on that what works for one student, may not work for another. I work very hard to determine and connect with each studentís learning style so they can achieve each technique or musical idea.

I have had great success working with students of all ages, ranging from age three to adults. I believe my past students have felt like we were a team working together, not just a teacher who says, "yes, no, yes, no" and never connects with the student. I want every student to know that I care about them not only as a student, but also as a person. I absolutely LOVE teaching violin.

My desire for each student is to encourage and expand their love of music and the violin.

Mrs. Cynthia Wiley
Florida State Music Teachers Association, Sarasota Music Teachers Association, and the Florida Federation of Music Clubs

Mrs. Wiley's Resume